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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My first day of my work

I woke up early which I usually does not do. But because of my excitement in my first job, I do not want to be late. It was a nice day and I am full of energy! And I need that!! Although it was a quite disturbing to Justin because he needs to drive me to where I work and pick me up for the reason that I do not have my own car yet.

I spent 8 hours with a 2 and 4 year old kids namely Damian and Isabela. I had fun with the kids although we spent more of our time inside the house because of the rain. After 8 hours spending with the kids, it made me glad that they are attached to me already. Especially the baby boy, he loves me being around him and being with my company. He does not even want me to go home!!! It wasso sweet of him. I admit, it was not a perfect day because the Damian had accident falling on his bike. He was out of balance of riding it very fast, I am just very glad when I told their mom Lana about what happened to Damian it was okay to her, I was there watching the kids though. Well, it was an accident and it happens sometimes unexpectedly.

I hope tomorrow will be a good day. No more worries but just full of fun and activities with the kids. And I am hoping to have my new car this weekend [Justin said] and that would be very great!!!


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