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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Busy Saturday..but FUN!

Today, Justin and I went to Liberty Lake to meet his brother Jamie with his family before going to HUGE Yard Sale everywhere in that place. We roamed and checked every houses. You can't even find a place to park your car there because of lot of people came over to check and buy something. They were things that were good to buy and there were some that were not for the reason they were expensive. They were things that I liked to buy, but too bad Justin was not there because he left with Jamie to fix the mower. I don't feel buying stuff withouth him [hehe]. After the tiring day at Liberty Lake, we decided to have lunch at Red Ribbon. We really enjoyed each other's company. After the lunch, Tina [ Jamie's wife], Taylor [Jamie's daughter] and I went to Old Navy to have a little shopping to do.

Afternoon, we spend time swimming at Jamie and Tina's house with the kids too. It was really fun! I had this feelings of being ashamed because I am wearing my two bathing suit. Although I knew that it is just normal here, but I was not used wearing that kind of stuff with other people. I wish I had taken pictures! [haha] I did not want to end the fun that fast, but Justin and I decided to leave already and get the things done we need to be finish and for tomorrow also. Everyday is a busy day for both of us [hehe].


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