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Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Great Fun Last Night

Last night, Justin told me that we are going to a birthday party of one of his co-workers in MotorWorks will be held at Fizzie Hulligans. I do not have any idea what that place was, he just told me it is a club. So we went there 9 in the evening and I liked the place. I met the birthday boy, mostly men were there. At first, I had chit chats to some that I knew and met already. And then, I have been quiet for a bit because I was trying to listen to their conversation which I have no idea because they were talking about engines and work.

Justin introduced me to them one by one. I was surprised when some of them gave me a hug it was because I was CUTE!! [they said] I started having fun talking and replying with their jokes. Some offered me a treat for a Budweiser. I had 4 bottles of it! I did not noticed and realized that, because I was really having a blast!

There was a band named Bad Monkey that really played great music which lead me to the dance floor and show some dancing moves to everyone. I danced with Justin...ooohhh!!! That was the first time I saw him dancing and he was very cute!!! I danced with his friends too which they always dragged me to the dance floor which is fine because music were great.

There were just funny things happened that night. It kept me wondered why some people there staring at me especially men, I am not telling that I am pretty! it maybe because I was so little and they thought I should not supposed to be there because I am underage! haha. Then, there was this young man tried to get close to me and dancing dirty moves where Laura told him to stay away from me or else he will be in trouble. But the guy did not listened until Laura kicked his ass away from where I was. That surprised everybody and even Justin. We were laughing out loud because of what Laura did. Laura is Justin's tenant in one of our houses being rented. We decided to get home around 2 in the morning for the reason that one of us had a fight.

It was really a great night! I never thought I would have fun around those people. They treat me as one of them. And I would love to hang out with those people again!


bobbyboy said...

There's nothing quite like hanging out with friends, dancing, music and having fun, right? I only do it sometimes, but always have so much fun :)

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