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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am his PRINCESS and HE is my PRINCE

Ever since Justin and I met through online and love blooms between us, he always treated me as his princess like nobody does, except for my Mom. For 3 years since the day we crossed our path, I was always been his ISLAND PRINCESS. He makes sure I have EVERYTHING I need for the reason that we were half of the world far away to each other and wanted me to be always in a great situation especially with my family. I am not saying Justin is a rich or wealthy guy, because he always tell me that he is just an average guy with simple life and I believe that is true. I did not fell in love for him just because of the luxury things he had given and will continue giving to me like what other people may or might thought about it. Its just that, he works so hard, he makes sure things are in good shape.

I do not need to tell him what I need or what I want for myself because all he knew that if there is something I wanted, it wont be for myself but it would be for my family. I think for my family first before myself. Whatever things he gives me, that is because I needed that and it is not just for showing off to somebody that I have it. I get things, because I believe I am worth it to have it like what Justin always tells me. I admit, I am spoiled. That is what Justin loves to do that for me and not because I asked for it.

If there are times I get and do/did something, I am proud to tell it to everyone. It just so funny sometimes how people misinterpret the things I say and I do. Isn't that they're just wasting their time? If I was that, I would not bother myself to do that. Why bother, if YOU do not care! I know people have their own differences, have their own tactics how to run their own lives, have their own goal and dreams. Mind your own life. Mind your own business. This is me, this is my life, and this is how I manage it.

I never dreamed to meet a prince, but hey!!! guess what?!!? I did!!! I will always and remain as His Princess and He as my Prince! That is for real..and not just any imaginations like what others think or say


bobbyboy said...

Princes and Princess's are rare these days...3 years? That's a long time to still feel that way towards each other.

A heart warming story and whatever makes you two happen is really all that matters!

Thanks for sharing Marfzie :)

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