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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Even having a little hang over because of last night, I tried to wake up early and pretend that I am okay. Saturday is a big day for me!!!! This is the day where we are going to pick up my new car that Justin bought for me. We went through Camp Chevrolet even it was raining just to get my new car!

While we were in Camp Chevrolet, all i did was stare at my car because it was taking so long for all those papers Justin need to fill out and for being so cold! People at Camp Chevrolet were very nice and gave you great accommodation. Every details are being explained briefly. The dealers are very helpful.

We got out for almost 2 in the afternoon already and my tummy were already crumbling inside of being hungry. I do not know hungry of being inside of my new car or of foods. Surely it was because of foods [hehe] Justin drove my new car back to Spokane Valley and he left his truck there because no one will be able to drive it back to our house. I would not dare drive my car because I do not want to wreck it that fast. We stopped by first at Panda Express for lunch. Well, it is where we always go [hehe]

Oh Justin loved my new car so much!!! And so do I!!! When we got home, the first thing we did was I drove my car and I loved it!!! except I need a pillow to sit on for me to see everything...hahaha. Justin gave me a grade of B at first, that means I need to do a lot better. Well, It was easy to drive because it is an automatic car. Can't wait for next week!!!!


bobbyboy said...

wow, good luck with the new car Marfzie ^_^

You can also use a telephone book to sit on for a little more hight if you need to ;)

Marfzie said...

haha thanks bob! but my fiance bought a pillow for me to sit while im driving..thanks for droppin said...

im happy for you marfie congratulations!

Clint Moore said...

Congratulations on your new car! The buying process can be a tad long sometimes, but think of it as the dealer making sure that everything is in order so that there won’t be any problems for you and your car. Because your car is automatic transmission, you’ll learn to drive better much quicker, although a lot of people testify that learning on a manual transmission car before transitioning to an automatic transmission car makes for better drivers because the concentration on the road gets trained.

Sebastian Gaydos said...

I agree with Clint! Learning to drive is always easier on automatic transmission, but you learn better discipline and control of your car if you start learning on manual. But it’s always good to remember that it’s not just the kind of car that determines how good someone drives – it’s how one understands road courtesy and road rules. Just relax on the road; follow road signs and stop signs; and be more defensive than offensive or aggressive; and I’m sure you’ll be fine! Good luck!

Stelle Courney said...

Clint is right. Car dealers want everything to be in order before they release the car, so they won't get into trouble with their employer. I am glad you were able to bring your car home. Normally some companies keep your car for a total of 3 days. How is your car treating you?

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