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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting for my new car!

Yesterday, Justin and I went to AppleWay Chevrolet to check and see which nice car he should buy for me. He have decided to get me a Chevrolet Cobalt. But before that, we have decided before that he will get me a VW bug, but then I asked him if he could just buy me a convertable car. For me it is look girly and cool. He did not agree! Too bad, because according to him a convertable car is not good at winter. Until he told me he will buy me a Chevrolet Cobalt, which I agreed because it looks really nice and fancy!!! When it comes to car, you can not bit him because he knew about cars a lot!

I was very inlove with the Chevrolet Cobalt when I saw it yesterday. And I can not wait to have it!!! Well, I need to wait this afternoon whatever decision he may have. He told me that I will have my new car before Monday. Whew!!


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