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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Answer to my boredom

I have been here in the US for almost 2 months already. Being at home everyday and doing nothing makes me feel bored sometimes. I do go out with Justin every weekends because that is the time we can really spend time to each other. On weekdays, he spent his time all day at work and when he gets home his already tired but doing his best for me not to be bored. Like, going out for dinner, go to walmart and buy things I want and I like. Now, I have found the answer for my boredom everyday. It is where I spend my whole day before Justin gets home.

I spend my whole day watching my Filipino shows at PinoyChannel, I can watch my favorite shows by searching them. Either ABS - CBN or GMA shows. It helps me not to missed any new shows, hahaha.


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