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Sunday, May 25, 2008

His 43rd Birthday

23rd of May was my fiance's birthday. I wanted to give him a simple but unique gift that he would love. The thing I decided to do is to make him a birthday cake. I never baked a cake ever since but I was willing to try and make it perfect just for him. So, I went to my neighbor Regina to ask some help. We never wasted time and started to bake the cake before the birthday boy come home.

As soon as the cake was finished, I hurriedly went home with the chocolate cake I made, the birthday hat and birthday balloons that Regina gave me. While preparing, I was shocked when I saw my fiance outside. What I did is, put the cake in the table and scattered the balloons around the cake and r
an to our room! haha

When he saw the cake and the balloons he ran to our room and gave me hugs and kisses while thanking me. He admitted he was surprised about that. Well, it was really a surprise thing for him! hahaha..He wont even believed that I made that for him. We celebrated his birthday together. I can see in his face that he was so happy, and so I am. It was the first time to be with him in his special day. It made me feel so good that day that I made him happy in his birthday.

Here are some picture we took in his birthday party.

This is the Chocolate cake I baked for my Birthday boy.

These are Justin's pictures with blowing, slicing and tasting his birthday cake.

These our pictures together.


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