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Monday, May 12, 2008


Last Friday, I spent my time with Joe (my fiance's bro) cleaning the house, cooking dinner for that night, and buying groceries. We had a busy day and we never bought everything that we needed at home. Like the sponge!!!!! I always remind him to buy sponge because we only have 2 sponges left at home but it was already used for wiping. And I dont like it to use for washing dishes.

What Joe and I did, we just decided to go to Harvest Foods that going back to Albertson because we've been there twice that day already. Guess what?! He bought eight sponges!!! hahaha..that was fine! At least we had lot of sponges to use. Sponge for washing dishes, sponge for wiping the dirts at the kitchen, and sponge to use inside the bathroom.

The funny was, Joe thought sponges is too expensive back in the Philippines because I was really reminding him several times about it, that was why he bought eight sponges for me! hahaha

When we were about to sleep, he knocked on our room's door just to ask "Marfel, which sponge is for wiping? And which sponge is for washing dishes?" I thought he was just kidding around, so i replied "The yellow is for washing the dishes and the lavender is for wiping dirts." and he asked again, "What about the green one?" and I replied back "Just keep it for a while."

And the next morning, I woke up and saw the sponges in the kitchen!!! I was laughing out loud when I saw it and I ran to our room and told Justin about it. I decided to take a picture of what Joe did.

Here it is


Anonymous said...

Hello Marfzie. My name is John Hunter and I am Justin's brother. My wife and I will be visiting Spokane this fall and we are looking forward to meeting you then.

bobbyboy said...

hahaha I can't believe I had so much fun reading about sponges!! Great job. And the picture just made it perfect hahaha thank you!

p.s. I have added your wonderful blog and thank you for adding mine.

spongebob ;)

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