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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Success Haircut

Last night, Justin asked me to give him haircut. I was kinda hesitated because the last time I gave him a haircut did not do good. And everyone laughed about it. So I refused not to give him bad haircut anymore but he insisted. It was late at night already but he really wants to have his hair cuts before going to work in the next morning.

Well, his wish is my command! haha.. I made it slowly and surely not to cute his hair too short and make him more good looking guy with his new haircut. He always encourage me that I will do good this time cutting his hair, and thanks to that because it was really a big help.

I did not realize that I am almost done of cutting his hair. Guess what?! I really did great this time! I love how was it done and he looks more cutier. Well, he looks cute and handsome all the time!!!

This is how he look like with
his new haircut!!


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