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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beloved Mother

As time pass by and as I grew up i saw all the struggles of my mother have been too. It started 13 years ago when my dad lost his job and my younger brother was born. My mother's world became smaller and uneasy as for her to work hard. For her, night became a day. She continued gratify each one of us with those things we needs and wants. From my dad, my siblings and to me. We didn't realize we were being harsh to her. She never get the rest she needs, the things she wants. She tolerated our attitude although it was not fair anymore. No one shown her pity and appreciation of her work, everyone only cared of things they had and will have. My mom worked and strives alone for us with that 13 years without my dad's help. She sent my dad to school for a 4 year course with God's help she succeeded. I was happy and my dad did not even appreciate and gave importance about it.

Another trial came, her 4th child died in her womb. It was a bad tragedy. But for my mom, life must go on. I may not show any affection and love to her but deep inside my heart I was in a doom place crying for not letting her know that i care and love her so much. I want to comfort and give everything she deserves. She have been judged and mortify by others. She lowered her own pride just for us.

What things hurt most, my dad cheated on her several times, since the day they got married until the day they already have their own grandchildren. My heart burst out of anger seeing her crying and full of disappointment. I defend her by letting my dad knew how bad father and husband he was. Said an unintentional words leading him to leave our house. I thought that was the best thing to do but it worsen everything. Like always, she was the one who begged to my dad to came home and asked an apology despite of my dad's stupidity. Without realizing that we were hurt of the move she did and that made me scram away in our house.

My mom's life became more conflict, for the first time we have been separated with the huge mistake of the man she loves. She never gave up and tried working out for our family to be together again.

Another test in her life as a mother came, when my brother was involved of things that he did not do. She almost lost hope seeing her child suffering. Despite of what happened, she never turned her back on him. Instead to condemn my brother, she shown all her support and love as mother. She did not fail because it was just a mistake.

Until now, everyone relying on her. She have all the responsibilities that my dad should share with her. She bear all the pain just for her family.

People thought she is always happy and never carry any burden, that is how people think about her. Sometimes, she is being taken advantage. I still can see how she being love by other people because she shows true friendship, a good listener and helpful person to everyone.

She is such a BELOVED MOTHER to me. Without telling her personally, within my self she really is! I am so proud for her for not giving up for all those burdens she had because of us. I wish someday i could tell her that.


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