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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It was around 5:30 in the afternoon when Shelby called that they're coming over to meet me..OMG! I was nervous and excited in the other hand because I am going to meet the kids and that is one of the important things to do..hang out with them and know them! I had lot of anticipations and always asking Justin if the kids would like me or not...haha I was really shaking because it was freaking cold (for me) and because I am nervous...

Justin and I waited for hour maybe..hahaha we thought the kids wouldn't come because we waited for so long..but poof! they came!!!! with Tony's girlfriend SJB..

We went to Valley Mall..and decided to have dinner at FRIDAY!! oh geee..what do u expect!? of course I was a bit quiet! but whew! Im glad my tongue came out and start talking and ride on their conversation and jokes! we laughed! although I was shaking coz....heeeeeeeeeey!!!! it was cold!! haha..after dinner we went straight home!

When we got home i shown my phone (N93i) to them..they said it was cool! oh yeah because it was expensive! wahahaha P30,000 just for the phone! yeah yeah..that's how spoiled I am! fiance (Justin) loves to spoil me! He said because I am a good girl! LOL..but that's true! I reall am!..

It was really nice when they hugged me before they went to their house (with their mom) and oh gosh!!! TONY!!!! carried me! i felt like i was a baby! hahaha...


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