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Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Chicken Adobo!!!

Yesterday, I decided to meet my friend Jo. She is a filipina i met during my first 3 days here in Spokane Valley. She introduced me to her husband Tim and 3 year old son Carl. We went to Oriental Store close to Trent, until i decided to cook chicken adobo for my fiance Justin and to let Joe and the kids try the chicken adobo Justin been telling them about.

After we bought what we need for my first menu that I am going to cook we went straight to their house at Liberty Lake. I met Timothy's eldest sister Sincery (nice name!) which is a Registered Nurse in a Mission Hospital near at Valley Mall. I had fun while preparing for the ingredients that i will need and cutting the chicken into pieces.

As I started cooking for my chicken adobo, i was doubting it might not taste good as what i am expecting to be. To make it special and smells good i put pineapple chunks to it. Too bad i did not bring my digicam to take a picture of my first menu i ever cooked!!! haha

When the time of judgement came, I let Sincery and her kids try my chicken adobo. And guess what!?!!?!?! They loved it!!!!! hahahaha. So, now I am ready to bring my chicken adobo home for Justin, Joe and the kids.

When I got home, I hurriedly called the kids and Joe to let them try my adobo. I was very happy to see how they love the adobo i made for them! Especially Justin! It was really for him!

I thought at first, it was hard to cook simple menus. But, I was wrong. It wasn't difficult at all, especially when you have an inspiration. The chicken adobo I cooked is full of love!


bobbyboy said...

"So, now I am ready to bring my chicken adobo home for Justin, Joe and the kids."

hahaha smart lady to test it out first with someone else ;)

Nice blog, I smiled while reading it!

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