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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crying Time

Last night, Justin and I had time to chit chats about depressing things happening to our life. Especially to him. It hurts me so bad to see him being upset. I tried my best to make him feel better in any ways I can, which he knew I always do that and he do the same for me.

Until we came to a point reminiscing my past, my childhood. Although, we really spend time everyday or every night to have conversation especially before going to bed. I told him everything. The happy and sad moments I have been before we met. I shared everything to him like I never did before to anyone. Telling him stories with all the tears falling in my eyes. It was hard for me to remember it all for the reason that it makes me breath very hard for me. Those hard experiences I have been in my life, I wanted to forget those experiences, turn my back and pretend that I have not been to that. But, I can not. That will be part of me no matter what.

I continued my stories, and never stopped crying. I covered my eyes for him not to see my teary eyes, but obviously I sounded very hurt and upset about it. I did not see his reactions while I was telling him about my childhood although I can feel his warm hugs and palm to mine. When I decided to uncover my face and looked back to him, I saw tears on his eyes falling too. He was crying too while listening to my story.

I felt strong and not alone. Being with him, makes me feel to not afraid of anything. Seeing his red eyes, tears falling on his face was a great moment to be with him. That made me realize, Justin and I will not just be together in happiness and success. But of course through sadness and each pain feel, we will still be together.

I believe, the person that loves you will not just be there to give u comfort when you need it or you are feeling down, but they will feel the pain you are carrying. They will not just be there to make you laugh when you are sad, but feel the sadness you have in yourself. They will not just wipe the tears on your face when you cry, but cry with you until you feel better.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beatiful Rose

I just opened my blog to check for those people who dropped by and thinking what should I post for this day, until pretty Kaycee tagged me to this simple but beautiful white rose.

Thanks Kaycee!!!

I am tagging EVERYONE!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Busy Saturday..but FUN!

Today, Justin and I went to Liberty Lake to meet his brother Jamie with his family before going to HUGE Yard Sale everywhere in that place. We roamed and checked every houses. You can't even find a place to park your car there because of lot of people came over to check and buy something. They were things that were good to buy and there were some that were not for the reason they were expensive. They were things that I liked to buy, but too bad Justin was not there because he left with Jamie to fix the mower. I don't feel buying stuff withouth him [hehe]. After the tiring day at Liberty Lake, we decided to have lunch at Red Ribbon. We really enjoyed each other's company. After the lunch, Tina [ Jamie's wife], Taylor [Jamie's daughter] and I went to Old Navy to have a little shopping to do.

Afternoon, we spend time swimming at Jamie and Tina's house with the kids too. It was really fun! I had this feelings of being ashamed because I am wearing my two bathing suit. Although I knew that it is just normal here, but I was not used wearing that kind of stuff with other people. I wish I had taken pictures! [haha] I did not want to end the fun that fast, but Justin and I decided to leave already and get the things done we need to be finish and for tomorrow also. Everyday is a busy day for both of us [hehe].

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am his PRINCESS and HE is my PRINCE

Ever since Justin and I met through online and love blooms between us, he always treated me as his princess like nobody does, except for my Mom. For 3 years since the day we crossed our path, I was always been his ISLAND PRINCESS. He makes sure I have EVERYTHING I need for the reason that we were half of the world far away to each other and wanted me to be always in a great situation especially with my family. I am not saying Justin is a rich or wealthy guy, because he always tell me that he is just an average guy with simple life and I believe that is true. I did not fell in love for him just because of the luxury things he had given and will continue giving to me like what other people may or might thought about it. Its just that, he works so hard, he makes sure things are in good shape.

I do not need to tell him what I need or what I want for myself because all he knew that if there is something I wanted, it wont be for myself but it would be for my family. I think for my family first before myself. Whatever things he gives me, that is because I needed that and it is not just for showing off to somebody that I have it. I get things, because I believe I am worth it to have it like what Justin always tells me. I admit, I am spoiled. That is what Justin loves to do that for me and not because I asked for it.

If there are times I get and do/did something, I am proud to tell it to everyone. It just so funny sometimes how people misinterpret the things I say and I do. Isn't that they're just wasting their time? If I was that, I would not bother myself to do that. Why bother, if YOU do not care! I know people have their own differences, have their own tactics how to run their own lives, have their own goal and dreams. Mind your own life. Mind your own business. This is me, this is my life, and this is how I manage it.

I never dreamed to meet a prince, but hey!!! guess what?!!? I did!!! I will always and remain as His Princess and He as my Prince! That is for real..and not just any imaginations like what others think or say


Even having a little hang over because of last night, I tried to wake up early and pretend that I am okay. Saturday is a big day for me!!!! This is the day where we are going to pick up my new car that Justin bought for me. We went through Camp Chevrolet even it was raining just to get my new car!

While we were in Camp Chevrolet, all i did was stare at my car because it was taking so long for all those papers Justin need to fill out and for being so cold! People at Camp Chevrolet were very nice and gave you great accommodation. Every details are being explained briefly. The dealers are very helpful.

We got out for almost 2 in the afternoon already and my tummy were already crumbling inside of being hungry. I do not know hungry of being inside of my new car or of foods. Surely it was because of foods [hehe] Justin drove my new car back to Spokane Valley and he left his truck there because no one will be able to drive it back to our house. I would not dare drive my car because I do not want to wreck it that fast. We stopped by first at Panda Express for lunch. Well, it is where we always go [hehe]

Oh Justin loved my new car so much!!! And so do I!!! When we got home, the first thing we did was I drove my car and I loved it!!! except I need a pillow to sit on for me to see everything...hahaha. Justin gave me a grade of B at first, that means I need to do a lot better. Well, It was easy to drive because it is an automatic car. Can't wait for next week!!!!

A Great Fun Last Night

Last night, Justin told me that we are going to a birthday party of one of his co-workers in MotorWorks will be held at Fizzie Hulligans. I do not have any idea what that place was, he just told me it is a club. So we went there 9 in the evening and I liked the place. I met the birthday boy, mostly men were there. At first, I had chit chats to some that I knew and met already. And then, I have been quiet for a bit because I was trying to listen to their conversation which I have no idea because they were talking about engines and work.

Justin introduced me to them one by one. I was surprised when some of them gave me a hug it was because I was CUTE!! [they said] I started having fun talking and replying with their jokes. Some offered me a treat for a Budweiser. I had 4 bottles of it! I did not noticed and realized that, because I was really having a blast!

There was a band named Bad Monkey that really played great music which lead me to the dance floor and show some dancing moves to everyone. I danced with Justin...ooohhh!!! That was the first time I saw him dancing and he was very cute!!! I danced with his friends too which they always dragged me to the dance floor which is fine because music were great.

There were just funny things happened that night. It kept me wondered why some people there staring at me especially men, I am not telling that I am pretty! it maybe because I was so little and they thought I should not supposed to be there because I am underage! haha. Then, there was this young man tried to get close to me and dancing dirty moves where Laura told him to stay away from me or else he will be in trouble. But the guy did not listened until Laura kicked his ass away from where I was. That surprised everybody and even Justin. We were laughing out loud because of what Laura did. Laura is Justin's tenant in one of our houses being rented. We decided to get home around 2 in the morning for the reason that one of us had a fight.

It was really a great night! I never thought I would have fun around those people. They treat me as one of them. And I would love to hang out with those people again!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting for my new car!

Yesterday, Justin and I went to AppleWay Chevrolet to check and see which nice car he should buy for me. He have decided to get me a Chevrolet Cobalt. But before that, we have decided before that he will get me a VW bug, but then I asked him if he could just buy me a convertable car. For me it is look girly and cool. He did not agree! Too bad, because according to him a convertable car is not good at winter. Until he told me he will buy me a Chevrolet Cobalt, which I agreed because it looks really nice and fancy!!! When it comes to car, you can not bit him because he knew about cars a lot!

I was very inlove with the Chevrolet Cobalt when I saw it yesterday. And I can not wait to have it!!! Well, I need to wait this afternoon whatever decision he may have. He told me that I will have my new car before Monday. Whew!!

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