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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My 1st week in Spokane Valley, USA

I have traveled across the world for me to be where I am right now. I anticipated it would be hard living in a different country with different cultures that i used to have for 23 years. But hey!!! it was not bad at all! Except for the cold weather and the foods served to me..hahaha.

Its been a week already. For my first week of stay here i did not have encounter any problem at all, except me and my fiance (Justin) had a misunderstanding because of a little thing which happened to be my fault! darn it! haha..

I enjoyed hanging out with Justin's brother (JOE) kids. I can tell they truely liked me! They always love to hang out with me! Jumped with them in a trumpulin, Skate with them although i don't know how to but they're patient to teach me and I felt sorry for that because I am just a slow learner when it comes to that thing because I am nervous.

Things are doing great here for me. I always have my smile on my face because they always make me smile and I am being well treated like I am one of them! They never made me feel I am a stranger! I an just so happy that they love me!


bobbyboy said...

I think this will be a very successful relationship. The best of luck to you!

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